"the story behind the brand"

Our story

“Aerial” means flying through the air on your board(Snowboard, surfboard, skateboard, you name it). Most people know what the word “junkie” means. So combined they mean you are addicted to flying through the air. Ask any boardsporter, once you fly, you are an Aerial Junkie!

What we do

We design and print sustainable, surfy clothing. We try to do this in the most eco friendly way we possibly can. The clothes we use are made with 80% to 100% organic cotton.

Why I want to do this?!

Easy, because I love surf, design and nature!

And there is a lot to improve.. We, as Aerial Junkie, want to give the customer a cool alternative for their clothing. An alternative which helps to stop damaging the playground they love so dearly. Especially as an outdoor sporter it could be a big motivation to start wearing less “normal” clothing! If you link it to your own fun, it could be even more fun if you contribute!! Don’t you agree?

Just around the corner

If you think about surfing and nature, most of us think about the waves of California, Australia, Indonesia etc. But Aerial Junkie is not only about those waves, Aerial Junkie is about celebrating the beauty of nature and surfing in your own amazing backyard. Every country has it’s own beauty and their own awesome playground!